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Original article by Brett ( From UANL #35 ([1])

The Wonderful World of DosBox

Using DosBox and D-Fend to Run UA

I have played around with all the Windows O/S' and none of them run DOS mode very well. I even made an old DOS machine just to run DOS games on, until I found DosBox which solved all the problems. Here is some step by step instructions.... I figured I'd write them up and post them since other people might want to use it also.

Go to

Select Download option.

Select 'Windows' option to download.

Click on download site and when the program pops up select to run it.

Install it to the default directory.

Next go back to the DosBox download page. Under the Tools Menu Select D-Fend option. This will send you to the D-Fend website. Select D-Fend again from the left side menu. Scroll down a little and click on "Download D-Fend v2 setup" version

Run/install the program with default options.

This will leave the D-Fend v2 window open. Open the D-Fend v2 icon.

This will open the D-Fend v2 program; from here select 'Profile' from the menu and then 'Add with Wizard'.

Add a Profile name for the program you want to run, Either UAShell or FRUA. Under GameEXE, hit the browse button and select either uashell.bat or start.bat in your FRUA/UA directory. Next click on the setup.exe and add install.exe from the FRUA/UA directory. Click on the '>>' button twice. On this screen you will see an 'auto create' button, click on that once. Next click on '>>' six times taking the default settings. Then click on 'finish' button. This will add your game to the D-Fend games menu. Click on the one you created and it will automatically run DosBox.

You might have to tweak your settings if you are running anything strange; the default soundcard settings are Address 220, IRQ7, DMA1. Because this is an emulator, it can emulate any of the old soundcards. At this point in its development it will run about 95% of all DOS games, with a few exceptions among the latest games just before DOS died. Let me know if you have any more questions and how it goes. :)